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Coventry Health Care values the quality care that health care providers give our members. To support that effort, Coventry has multiple options for obtaining the information you need to maximize every patient visit, including our exclusive, free website,

The prior-authorization process is now quick and easy with our secure online service,  Providers can submit, look-up, or edit authorizations online, at their convenience.  And, with our exclusive Adjustment Reconsideration function, providers have the opportunity to request a review/reconsideration of an authorization and submit the documentation online in support of that request.

Coventry prides itself on the EDI tools it has available for its providers and, with, Coventry can boast one of the most multi-functional payer websites available to its providers in the healthcare industry.  For more information on, please visit the ‘Secure Provider Portal’ section of this website.

Pre-Certification Guidelines

National Participating Provider Precertification List (NPL)
Always access document for current precertification requirements.

Real-time Authorization Submission Inquiries

View information concerning other Coventry real-time authorizations solutions.

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